About the creator of Oribotics and Oribokit®

Dr Gardiner at work in the oribokit workshop/laboratory/studio

Oribokit™ was designed and made by Dr Matthew Gardiner, an artist most well known for his work with origami and robotics. He coined the term Oribot 折りボト in 2003, and since works in the field of art/science research called Oribotics: a field of research that thrives on the aesthetic, biomechanic, and morphological connections between nature, origami and robotics. Gardiner is a key researcher in Origami Robotics at the Ars Electronica Futurelab. You may enjoy some of his other projects that are available at https://matthewgardiner.net and we draw your attention to his research work: http://orilab.art and videos at https://matthewgardiner.net/videos.

You can get in touch with Dr Gardiner via: